Friday, January 2, 2009

This site and related links are about my three comfort vises. These are things I enjoy only after God, Country, and Family. None of these are done in excess, so I encourage you if you partake in any of these, do so in moderation.

As my wife, Shara (Shay Rah) and I have traveled around the country we have come across several small wineries. We really liked the friendliness we found in these wineries and the special flavors many of them produce. We have several favorites and you will find links to these on the right side of the screen. Visit a few and try some of their products.

This site came about because Shara finally talked me into trying a port wine at the Simon Creek Winery in Door County Wisconsin. I was hooked. Then one day while reading through some posts on my favorite cigar forum, Cigar Pass, I saw a post from one of the members about maturing port in a small oak cask. I began researching this and found it very interesting. I dug a little deeper and found articles on maturing whisky. Well I like bourbon and I figure if you can do it with Canadian Whisky and Scotch, you must be able to do it with bourbon. That is what the section on Backroom Bourbon is dedicated to. You will be able to go down the road with me as I begin my experiment.

This is a new adventure for me on both the Internet and maturing spirits. Please post any comments are suggestions you may have for either.

Thank you,

Johnny Farmer